UGG Premium Traditional Moccasins

    $114.00 $61.00
    Recommended - if you are a size 4 (Ladies) through to size 8 (Ladies): Please select 1 size bigger than what you usually wearRecommended -if you are a size 9...

    UGG Fluoro Moccasin

    $99.00 $65.00
    Our UGG Fluoro Moccasins are a classic moccasin that bring classic style and comfort to any wardrobe. Boasting 100% Australian Sheepskin interiors these shoes will keep you comfortable and cosy...

    UGG Jesie Summer Moccasin

    $152.00 $68.00
    Treading ladies moccasins, crafted from suede with a minimalist silhouette. UGG Jesie Summer Moccasin pairs well with any occasion. Wear it with trousers and a button-down to the office and...

    UGG Classic Summer Moccasins

    $114.00 $76.00
    The Summer Moccasin is an all-leather style making it the perfect shoe for summer with the breathable leather lining and durable rubber sole. You’ll be able to wear it around...

    UGG Krista Summer Moccasin

    $114.00 $65.00
    Crafted from suede with a minimalist silhouette and wider width, UGG Krista Summer Moccasin pairs well with any occasion. Wear it with trousers and a button-down to the office and...

    UGG Camilla Moccasin

    $88.00 $61.00
    Inspired by the classic moccasin, the women’s UGG Camilla Moccasin has been treated to comfort and luxury. Supple, natural suede is lined with thick Australian sheepskin for an indulgent fit that keeps...

    UGG Olalla Noosa Slippers

    $129.00 $99.00
    UGG Olalla Noosa Slippers are Handcrafted out of premium quality 100% genuine sheepskin. Featuring non-slip sole, suitable for in door and light outdoor use.  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor...

    UGG Kelly Anne Moccasin

    $76.00 $58.00
    The UGG Kelly Anne Moccasin is perfect for the woman who wants to stay comfortable. The wool lining will keep you warm as well so that winter weather isn't an...

    UGG Premium Traditional Kid's Moccasins

    $76.00 $53.00
    Keep your little ones comfy and cosy this winter in these adorable UGG Premium Traditional Kid's Moccasins! Crafted with a soft premium sheepskin lining, these slippers will keep their feet...

    Jack Summer Moccasins

    $129.00 $99.00
    Introducing the Jack Summer Moccasins  - the perfect all-season shoe! Our Jack Summer Moccasins are crafted with a soft, lightweight pig leather exterior for maximum comfort. Whether you're spending the day at...

    UGG Davey Slippers

    $145.00 $76.00
    The UGG Davey Slippers provide the ultimate comfort for those chilly mornings and frosty nights. Boasting incredibly soft 100% Australian sheepskin inner lining, a rubber sole and suede exterior, these...

    UGG Unisex Moccassin

    $152.00 $87.00
    With the look of a loafer and the softness of the slipper. A rubber sole means it can go both indoors and out, so you can slip it on for...

    UGG Murray Slipper

    $145.00 $45.00
    Offering the ultimate comfort, the UGG Murray Slipper features a slick suede exterior with patterned details surrounding the collar. Boasting an incredibly soft inner lining made from 100% Australian sheepskin...

    UGG Deluxe Slippers - Made in Australia

    $137.00 $111.00
    The UGG Deluxe Slippers - Made in Australia wraps your feet in natural sheepskin to keep it cosy and snug. Made from 100% Australian premium sheepskin materials which have temperature regulating properties...

    UGG Harry Moccasin Slippers

    $145.00 $84.00
    If an enclosed pair of comfy slippers is on your wish list, prepare to tick it off. Our UGG Harry Moccasin Slippers come in two colours, perfect for keeping feet...

    UGG Troy

    $137.00 $45.00
    Stylish & Comfortable Our UGG Troy Moccasins  are stylish and functional.   Crafted from the finest leather, these shoes are perfect for your casual weekend outings.  Wear them with jeans or chino...

    UGG Lisa Suede Loafer

    $152.00 $91.00
    The low ankle design means you can easily slip in and out. The Upper is pre-treated with a layer of nano-tech coating that repels liquids and stains. , it is a...

    UGG Jason Slipper

    $149.00 $84.00
    Our UGG Jason Slippers are made using 100% Australian Sheepskin. They feature a suede upper offering a more supportive fit and longer-lasting durability. Internally your feet will keep cosy with...

    UGG Brando Slippers- Made in Australia

    $145.00 $76.00
    Slide into these comfy pair of UGG Brando Slippers- Made in Australia for a day of lounging around at home! Made in Australia with the finest and softest quality sheepskin,...

    UGG Ralph Slippers

    $129.00 $45.00
    Our UGG Ralph Slippers are made using 100% Australian Sheepskin. They feature a suede upper offering a more supportive fit and longer-lasting durability. Internally your feet will keep cosy with...

    UGG Cabin Slippers

    $152.00 $122.00
    Our UGG Cabin Slippers are a classic line of mens slippers that offer style, comfort and practicality. Crafted from 100% Australian Sheepskin, these slippers will keep you feet cosy all...

    UGG Leila Sheepwool Slippers

    $96.00 $61.00
    Made of premium sheepskin, these slippers are lined with soft wool to keep your feet snug and cozy. The leather sole provides durability, while the sheepskin insole ensures maximum comfort....

    UGG Insoles & Inserts - 100% Australian Sheepskin

    $25.00 $16.00
    UGG Insoles & Inserts - 100% Australian Sheepskin These Australia Sheepskin Insoles make for extreme comfort. The thick dense pile inners gradually mould to the shape of your feet, providing...

    UGG Boots Repellent Spray

    $20.00 $14.00
    Our UGG Boots Repellent Spray is designed to protect your sheepskin against damage from water or oil or any other kind of residue that you may meet while out in...

    UGG Denizen Shearling Mule Loafers

    $122.00 $84.00
    The UGG Denizen Shearling Mule Loafers are the perfect balance between comfort and fashion. They are made with luxurious shearling uppers and have a soft foam lining for added comfort....

    UGG Maya Moccasin

    $100.00 $45.00
    Stylish & Comfortable Our UGG Maya Moccasins are a colourful line of shoes that have a lot to offer in every aspect, just as its wide variety of hues.The shoes...

    UGG Women's Tassel Winter Moccasin

    $129.00 $91.00
    Step out in style with the UGG Women's Tassel Winter Moccasin. This ultra-comfy shoe is crafted with a soft suede exterior and leather tassels for a touch of sophisticated flair....

    UGG Shyra Slip On Moccasin

    $122.00 $91.00
    The UGG Shyra Slip On Moccasin will take your winter style to the next level. With its buckle strap and luxuriously comfortable fit, you'll look sharp and feel amazing all season...

    UGG Tas Casual Slippers

    $122.00 $99.00
    Introducing the UGG Tas Casual Slippers from UGG, where luxury meets leisure in a dance of comfort and style. These slippers are like a spa day for your feet, offering a...


Looking for stylish and comfortable moccasins in Australia? Look no further than Original UGG Australia Classic. Our latest range of moccasins is sure to impress, offering a variety of classic and trendy designs for both men and women. Made with the highest quality materials, our moccasins provide durability and comfort that lasts all day long - from running errands to lounging at home. Plus, they're perfect for any season, keeping your feet cozy on chilly winter days or crisp summer mornings.

At Original UGG Australia Classic, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service both online and in-store. Shop with confidence knowing that our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect pair of moccasins to suit your needs. Browse our selection online today or visit us in-store at one of our many retail locations to experience the comfort and style of our moccasins for yourself.

Make a statement with our collection of men's and women's moccasins! Our range includes modern styles, classic designs, and cozy slippers - all made with high-quality materials for maximum comfort and durability. Whether you're looking for casual slip-ons or formal shoes, we have the perfect pair to suit your needs. Keep your feet supported and comfortable throughout the day with our range of stylish moccasins for both men and women.


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