Ugg Boot Cleaner and Cleaning Products

    UGG Boots Repellent Spray

    $25.00 $18.00
    Our UGG Boots Repellent Spray is designed to protect your sheepskin against damage from water or oil or any other kind of residue that you may meet while out in...

    UGG Boot Clean and Care Kit

    $40.00 $29.00
    UGG Boot Clean and Care Kit is formulated using tanning technology and does not contain chemicals harmful to double face sheepskin used in the manufacture of UGG boots. UGG Boot...

    Ugg Boots Brush

    $19.99 $9.99
    The Boots Brush is a speciality care product for sheepskin, suede, nubuck and leather. Designed to help remove stains from your sheepskin boots, the brush also raises the nap and helps keep your...

Ugg Boot Cleaner and Cleaning Products

Ugg boots are made from Sheepskin which means they require special care when cleaning them. Using ugg boot cleaning products are a great investment, as it allows you to keep your uggs clean and always looking brand new! Ugg boots are also susceptible to staining, so it's important to be careful when wearing them around dirty or wet areas.  Shop our best selling ugg boot cleaning products at Original Ugg Australia Classic, such as our UGG Boot Shampoo Cleaner, UGG Boot Water & Oil Repellent, Ugg Boot Cleaning Brush, Foam Cleaning Sponge, and our UGG Boots Repellent Spray. The Ugg Boots Cleaning Brush is very helpful in removing any dirt or stains that may have gotten on your ugg boots. We also offer an UGG Clean & Care Kit which is very popular as it includes, UGG Boot Shampoo cleaner, UGG Boot Water & Oil Repellent, and a special Foam Cleaning Sponge specifically designed to clean your ugg boots. Lastly, always be sure to store your ugg boots in a cool, dry place when not in use to prevent any damage. By following these simple steps, you can keep your ugg boots looking like new for years to come!


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